• The Origins of Our Popular NYC Drop Off Breakfast Catering Item: The Croissant?

Sometimes have you wondered before placing order, what is the origin of our top-selling item: the croissant? The French have a whole lot to do with the croissant as it is known today. Starting around 1920, they began making the croissant as a laminated-dough, which is how it gets all the flaky layers. Other familiar laminate dough's are puff-pastry dough and Danish dough. The original croissant and its shape were developed somewhere else, however.The origin story of the croissant, if it is true, is an interesting one. In case you didn't already know, croissant means crescent, as in a crescent moon. It just so happens that the Turkish flag bears a crescent shape, and that emblem has decorated the flag for hundreds of years. It also happens that the shape of the croissant was inspired by the Turkish flag. It was not in tribute, however.